Fundur 3 mars – High Key Low Key Myndataka

Á næsta fundi þriðjudaginn 3 mars munum við skoða og prófa High key og Low key myndatöku undir handleiðslu Óla Harðar.

“High Key – Contains tones ranging from white to 18% grey – Creates a light and “bright” final image. – Often conveys a youthful, open, and happy mood. – Mostly used to reduce contrast in the model’s skin reducing visible blemishes and wrinkles. – Good high key photographs maintain edge separation between the subject and the white background. – Makes us a front lighting, careful not create a image that is too flat it becomes formless – Lighting ratio is usually less than 3:”

“Low Key – Contains tones ranging from 18% grey to black – Often conveys a more serious, formal, dignified mood. – Mostly used to show the character, or personality of the model by emphasizing shape, texture, and making use of “mood” lighting. – Good low key maintains detail in the blackest shadow area. – Lighting requires more side and back lighting, to produce large shadow areas. – Makes good use of gobos, barn doors, or other light focusing devises. – Careful use of fill lights is necessary to maintain low-key mood while filling the shadows just enough to give detail”

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